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Wells Fargo

One of the top three largest national banks, with 170 years of experience under its belt Wells Fargo has been the bank of choice for many generations.


Wells Fargo has always been a brand that leads the way into the financial future since its inception in 1852. Wells Fargo has helped customers survive through depression, war, and lead them wisely into prosperity.

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Now that I've met you Wells Fargo, please
talk to me. What do you need?

Wells Fargo has had a rush of scandals that has rendered us stagnant. We want to move forward.

Wells Fargo is looking to move into the future by creating a banking relationship with Gen Z.


We want Gen Z to become loyal consumers of Wells Fargo products. 

​Wells Fargo has had a rush of scandals that has rendered us stagnant. We want to move forward.


Wells Fargo is looking to move into the future by creating a banking relationship with Gen Z.


We want Gen Z to become loyal consumers of Wells Fargo products. 

  • Wells Fargo needs to change their public perception.

  • Wells Fargo needs to build an authentic relationship with Gen Z.

  • Wells Fargo needs to give space for Gen Z ideas to grow.

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Wells Fargo and Gen Z are more alike than they know.

Both envision a future in which a lending hand is given compassionately. Diversity is courageously embraced.


Hardships are overcome by determination. The drive to explore new horizons never ceases. ​


Wells Fargo and Gen Z are always pushing for better and never settling for good.

Now that Wells Fargo and Gen Z understand each other, it's time for Wells Fargo to speak with Gen Z.

The Do Better Campaign

"Do better" is more than a phrase it is an action. One that Wells Fargo and Gen Z can do together.


Since both entities share so much in common, it only makes sense that they grow together, move forward together, and do better together. 

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See that QR Code?



The microsite focuses on what Wells Fargo and Gen Z share: their values. This will help to establish a strong connection, which can lead to loyal Wells Fargo consumers. 

Wells Fargo and Gen Z want to change the world and make it better. 

They can do better together. 

The Do Better Volunteering Day

On one spontaneously planned day, all Wells Fargo banks will shut down for a day of community volunteering.


This will attract the necessary attention for Gen Z to come and join Wells Fargo employees thus creating a trusted connection that builds on the future relationship. 

The spontaneity of Wells Fargo's action will generate a lot of media attention, further pushing for other Gen Zers to attend and connect with the employees.


This will show and strengthen the shared values between the two entities, proving that Wells Fargo is more than a bank; they are a trusted community of people that want to help you do better, but they also need your help to do better together.

An event done like this shows there is no perfect time to start doing better.

Start to do better together immediately. Because you want to, because you can. 

Earned Media

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Shared Media

Let's not forget Wells Fargo's internal Gen Z employees. They are equally as important as external Gen Z consumers. 

Internal Commuications

Internal communications need to also reach out and connect with the Gen Z population Wells Fargo is already familiar with.


Give the Gen Z employees a chance to raise their voices, so that they can do better with Wells Fargo. 

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Employee Resource Network

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Wells Fargo will have a featured page specifically for Gen Z employees where they can create content (forums, surveys, articles) based on the campaign theme of “do better.” 


Some of the topics will be:

  • The Perspective of Wells Fargo (Gen Z Employees)

  • Crisis Management from the Gen Z Perspective Forum

  • The Do Better Campaign Pt. 2 Forum

Make A Seat For Gen Z

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Once a month, executives and branch leaders will take a seat at the table with their Gen Z employees and have multiple feedback sessions which would address the following:

  • Outstanding issues

  • Areas of improvement

  • Maintaining constant communication for future issues

​For those employees that are still apprehensive about giving their feedback publicly,

The Anonymous Safe Space Page

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They can calmly submit their insights and opinions to the

"Safe Space" page.


If they so choose, they can publicly share their feedback with their supervisor who will give them a direct communications line to a person that will be most helpful with the feedback.

In order to do better together, let’s celebrate life together.

The Do Better Block Party

The act of building a relationship is hard. It takes time, energy, and patience. Sometimes you just have to enjoy life together. Celebrate what you've done together, and have a light-hearted day. 


The same way we want to promote connection, trust, and authenticity at our Do Better Volunteering Day, we want to promote the same with Wells Fargo’s Gen Z community.

Success Metrics

Unique Visitors

  • Microsite traffic: 500K visitors

  • Increase reach from 16% to 40%.

Social Media

  • Engagement (clicks, likes, shares, etc.): 500K

  • Instagram followers: 200K

Internal Comms

  • Increase ERN page traffic and Safe Space page traffic by 40%.

Meet Team Sevan

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