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I am...


I am a creative wordsmith who utilizes public relations strategy to pursue instigative conversations that will talk about the bigger issues that need to be addressed. The goal is to ultimately put brands into a place of constant evolution, through questioning their experiences and learning more about themselves. I facilitate the pithy navigation needed to arrive at that point. 

I ask all my clients to keep these directional pillars in mind as we figure out how the journey goes.

Stay open, stay inquisitive, keep moving…

How the journey goes...


Your eyes, your mind, your mouth, your arms, your stance, everything has to remain open and willing to take in information that wasn’t there before. Don’t be afraid of how vulnerable this makes you. Get excited! You’ll be learning something new with this first step.


You never know unless you ask. The 5 Ws and How are amazing resources we all have access to. We all have that child-like inquisitiveness within us, just reach for it and use it. Don’t let it go to waste.


No matter which direction you walk in, progress is progress. Never remain stagnant and keep pushing forward. The hardest part of a journey is choosing when to move and when to act. I will be there to push you along.


Who is AOOQuery?

Like Beyoncé’s Sasha Fierce, I’ve found that taking on a separate persona allows me to live life in different ways. View life in different ways. Speak to life in different ways. AOOQuery is the bass in my voice and the curiosity in my soul. She holds a place on stage when I would rather be in the crowd. When you have conversations that need to come into the light, you speak to AOOQuery. She gets stuff done.

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